Two Strong Things That I Want To Talk About

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PEREIRA BIMPE / 08 Feb, 2020 - 15:55 / 64

Two Things I Strongly Want To Talk About:

Firstly, I will start with Parent train your children and children train yourself.

This morning on my way to the office , I experience a thirteen years old girl who was sent by her mother to go and get a card from the woman who sells card and the Mother of four beautiful children.

Guess what happen! The young lady slapped that woman two times for giving her a wrong card, can you imagine that! I had experience of buying a card from a woman who sells card around my office area and she gave me a wrong card but does that gives me the right to slap the woman even though we are both an adult , you can imagine that of that young girl of what she did to a Mother who can also be her own Mother deep down I felt so pained and wondering what kind of generation of children and youths do we have now.

We complain of bad leadership but we have forgotten that charity begins at home.

How do you expect the youth who are future leaders of Tomorrow to show off their bad behavior.

The Mother of that young Lady was there and she refuse to do anything. I trust the kind of Mother I have she does not tolerate nonsense she go beat you and correct you and make sure you learn and wont repeat it again.

But am not saying you should harm your children but am saying train them for the sake of our society and the future. 

Imagine that lady growing up to become and Adult. She will be more worst if those bad attributes are not eradicated.

I know that to be a parent is not easy , I appreciate our Nigerian parent , God bless you all.

To the children ,  your parent have trained you , train yourself , I understand that we are not perfect. 

Humble yourself to learn , listen to your Elders and respect them it will a go  long way in your life.

Education in school is beyond just getting good grades , educate your attitude , dressing , language and others .

May Almighty God continue to strenghten you .

The Second thing i want to talk about is directly to the men.

Work on your  Anger issue to not ruin your life, reputation and even your loved ones.

I was inside a bus and the man did not pay and was arguing then he got so angry the wife had to beg the driver and she was holding a baby his baby! He was not bothered about his family except to fight please men work on your anger .

If you truly love yourself and your woman work on it.

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