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PEREIRA BIMPE / 21 Jan, 2020 - 18:16 / 472

My name is Pereira Oluwabimpe Miracle I am the Founder of and a Great Alumni of Nigerian Institute Of Journalism.

A School That Is Unforgettable

I will start with my journey of going into journalism;

When I finished from Queen's College my Secondary School , I remembered that the Career Choice I wanted was  Mass Communication I spent one years to gain skills acquisition from my Brother Joseman Tech Solutions.

If you have a phone you want to repair go and google Joseman Tech Solutions and they are available to render services.

My Elder Brother wanted me to go to National Defense Academy (NDA) which I went through screening and during that period I changed my mind that it is not meant for me.

I was born to be a Mass Communicator and truly I gained admission to be a Student of Nigerian Institute Of Journalism.

I could remember during the oral exam I was being asked why I wanted to be a student and I said:

" I am a writer and I have always had passion for writing and will eventually have my own books and my own platform to be of great impact to the society "

Yes, I have my Book called "A Simple Life" which is on Okadabooks go and get a copy of the book and read.

I got admitted and I could remember in my First Year as a Fresher this is where Mr Tene come in:

He was the First Lecturer and I repeat who believed in my vision , zeal and passion of journalism and when he realised I had a passion for Blogging and I have a Blog called " Pereira Bimpe Blog" go and check it out.

Through him I got to meet a great alumni name Marian who graduated as a Best Student of her Set who works for Mr Sulai Aledeh back then and San Philips and I joined the crew as a Reporter and I was a student who was also practicing her profession and all thanks to Mr Tene.

I must say that NIJ LECTURERS are the best they are Wonderful and it is only a Students that is serious and set goals that will not fall victims of such scenarios.

Because I remember back then I was not a Fashionista in fact I was mocked and being called " Grandma" that I dress like an Old Woman.

When I know how much my parents and family have spent on my education , I did not come to school to come and showcase fashion , I came to school to learn and be of great impact to my society.

I never joked with my education I was very serious in all my lectures and made sure I learnt every thing that I need to know and it has made me to be a very good journalist as you can see having an online journalism website at twenty one years of age.

Mr Tene was one of the Lecturers that you will understand his course and pass and students dont usually miss his class because he has a great sense of humor and he is very practical.

He was teaching Citenzship Education 1 and 2 and I could remember that it was compulsory all students should have a Nigerian Constitution Book before you can be in his class so all the students carries the Constituon book like a Baby including me that I loved everything about Politics and Government.

Mr Tene is a Lecturer that is very Strict and Discipline , he does not tolerate immodesty and hooliganism in his class he sends you out of his class.

Mr Tene make sure students understand his course perfectly well and give students the opportunity to express themselves by asking questions and making contributions in his class.

I call him my Daddy because he is like a Father to me and I am like a Daughter to him and he trained me well and I remember my last conversation was to appreciate him for the great trainings he has impacted in my life.

He is a Friend and a Mentor and a good lecturer.

I dedicated this article to him that despite the storms that he will rise about it in every bad story there is a good story.

It is my prayer that May Almighty God bless him for his great services to humanity.

God bless you Mr Tene you are indeed a Great Lecturer that will always be remember by Alumni and Students of this great institution.



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