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PEREIRA BIMPE / 03 Dec, 2019 - 11:28 / 104

INTRODUCTION My name is Pereira Oluwabimpe, I am a BLOGGER, MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, WRITER and AUTHOR of my first book "A SIMPLE LIFE", I am twenty one years old.

A Simple Life is a book that makes you understand what life entails and how to live happy and excited regardless of obstacles stirring you in the face as you walk along with the phases of life. I have always wished everyone would live a simple life notwithstanding what they are going through, but it will always remain a wish until I take action, which is why I wrote this book.

Living a Simple Life is achievable, no matter what you are facing right now; it can be the loss of a loved one, divorce keeping you awake all night, financial breakdown putting your head in shame, upheavals here and there, break up in a relationship, loss of a job, you might be living in a dingy apartment and struggling to have three square meal or probably changed the environment and have to battle loneliness.

Living a simple life gives you the ability to obtain more insights from great men and women to grace the day. And my experiences thus far has been profound, hence, the reason I feel everyone should have a simple life. A simple life is affordable, which means everyone can live it. It does not matter if you are poor, average or rich, so long you are comfortable and blessed everyday with the gift of life void of diseases of some sort.

Even if you are sick, but you still woke up with supplies of oxygen hanging in the air by God already for you and you have no broken legs or body, even if you have a broken bone, since your mind is feeling active and healthy, you are good to go. The question I really want to ask you is: what kind of life do you want to live in this world? Do you want to live a pathetic life full of complications or a simple life?

Which one would you prefer? As a friend and author of this book, I would rather prefer you choose a simple life. There is no other better choice. I want you to decide on non-other than a simple life worthy of every tear dropping into the heart of God and every smile brightening someone's day. Ride along with me as I share my insight and perspective on what a simple life truly is all about.

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