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About The Author/Editor

Pereira Oluwabimpe Miracle is the Founder Of "http://newsrounded.com "

She is a Journalist and a Product of (NIJ) Nigerian Institute Of Journalism .

Best Selling Author of " A Simple Life"

Founder of "Talented Voice And Wordsfrombimpe and Pereira Bimpe Blog"

A platform for the Youths

She started her journey four years of blogging , website management and as a Content Creator and indeed it is a Success Story or a Testimony having a " News Website" that will change lives and provide accurate information .

She is from Lagos State and the last born of her family.

Born November 16th a Significant of Great Icons like ' Nnamdi Azikwe and Chinua Achebe'

She is also a QCOG and has gotten so many awards as the Best Student Of The Year 2015

Best Student in History
Best Sanitation President
Most Compassionate

To cut the long story shot , she is a remarkable individual who is passionate about Life , Family , Youths , the Country and General itself.

She is Outstanding and Creative.
She loves reading a lot and motivating people.
To know more about the Founder.

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